A Little About Me:
I'm Johnny. I am just an regular guy who decided to take a chance on something to make some extra money. I do not own or operate any of the online sites we will be talking about other than being a member. 

Financially, I am very conservative.  I am one of those people who watch a lot of Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. Probably not the kind of person you would see running a blog like this but if you think about it, it makes sense.  

I believe in not using Credit Cards, only buying things that you have the money for paying your Mortgage off as soon as possible. (Something I am proud to say I have done)

Truthfully, my journey started because I wanted to spend some money without going into the bank account to do it.  

My Online adventures started when I wanted some extra money for toys.  I do not like to spend much and started doing Surveys from a Get Paid Too (GPT) sites to buy some things.  I made pretty good money over the years, netting Amazon Giftcards, Paypal and Dining coupons in the thousands. 

What is the Purpose of this Blog?
When I started to tell people what I was doing they had a ton of questions.  A lot of people were reserved about it.  The sites and people who advised me were a mixed bag.   

Then, I made a HUGE mistake.  I started getting those investment type sites and lost money.  Although previously this site covered those, I am now against them and will not promote any kind of scams on this site.  Instead, anything you read here will be something you can jump into and make some money.  

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I will not promise that you can quit your job in a month and buy a Ferrari.  That would make me an idiot.

I use a few resources:
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The goal here is to make money online right?  I hope we can share various ways of making Money online. 

Thanks, Johnny

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