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This is the starting point for small time investors. .  This is how I made my initial funds for the other online opportunities to fund like JustBeenPaid.  It makes it less risky and a lot of sense when you think about it.  I still like my toys so this also let's me have my fun without withdrawing from my HYIPS and MLMs.  Take you're pick, at least you know none of these are scams because I use them.  I tried to have a nice variety of Get paid to (GPT) Pay to Click (PTC) and my favorite, Posting on forums.  Take a look!

Here are some of my better earners:

Earn Money Posting in Forums
Join Postloop Here!

An awesome earning site for those who like to post on forums. Here is how it works.

You join whatever forums you like to post on, games, sales, sports, money. They have a number of different options. Forum owners try to generate traffic. Postloop pays you per post. You can earn bonuses for good posting.

Please sign up using the link above. Once you register to the main site you will need to register on the postloop forum which is actually separate. They use this to give you sort of an audition. You must submit 10 posts but they need to be related to the topic. Spelling and grammar need to be accurate so don’t go posting one word responses.

The postloop forum is located here:, One you are confirmed you can post on this forum.

You can view my profile for sample posts.

Now, once your 10th post is complete you will receive approval. Go back to the main Postloop site. The forum tab at the top are all the forums you can join. They list their post limits so you want to join as many as you can. You do not have to reach any post limits. You receive points literally for each post. I have made up to $10 a day on this site but my average is $5. It’s a lot of posting but I have gotten to like some of the sites. Plus it’s a lot better than doing surveys all day. What is really great is they have instant payment to paypal.

Note: The Forum owners have the right to rate you after 5 posts. You need to have a rating of 4.05 to cash out. Most forum owners give good ratings, they want you to post. Just read the agreements when you sign up for a forum. Some want you to make a welcome post, avatar etc. They will give you an idea sometimes of what they need and rate you accordingly.

Forum owners have the right to rate you after 5 posts. Some will tell you when you join what they rate on. Here are some basics:
1) Spamming the intro section will decrease your rating
2) Try to have each post have over 15 words
3) Stay on topic
4) Don't get into insulting conversation
5) Follow forum rules (especially about spamming and signatures)
6) Don't mention in the forums you are from Postloop
7) If you rating goes over 4.50 join all the locked down forums that require that rating ( I wish someone would have told me to do that)
8) Don't copy and paste from other sources. They don't like that. Even if it is you post from another forum.
This last part might seems like common sense. When you click on the forum tabs you see all the nice forums you can join. When you click on say a video game forum it opens a link to that forum where you register. You register just like any other forum, confirm and email and post right?


Before you post make sure to go back and subscribe to that forum or you will not get credit. To make it easier I suggest using the same name and email address on each forums.

Join SwagBucks Here! 

SwagBucks again? yes and no.  I use this as filler. Let me explain.  
it takes 450 points for a $5 Amazon Giftcard.  
Install the Swagbucks TV mobile APP available on IOS and Android (or use Bluestacks on a windows PC) = 50 SBs per day.  It crashes sometimes so just hit the back arrow to refresh. Don't get cute running on multiple devices, you will get banned!
Install the toolbar and use the search =10-20 SBs per day (You do not have to use the toolbar, just search through the website).
Do the daily poll = 1 SB per day. 
Go through the NOSO offers.  Just keep skipping, clicking next = 2 SBs daily.
Check you inbox for videos, there are usually a few in there daily
Click the swagbucks logo in the left hand corner.  There are always video offers there.  What people dont know is YOU CAN DO THESE MULTIPLE TIMES.  
My Goal is to try and reach my daily goal, on average they give you between 8-12 SBs a day for this. 


Tons of GPT on the internet , but none are perfect.. GiftHulk tries to be the one!
GiftHulk Features :
Many different offer walls - Videos , Free Offers , Free Surveys , Free Samples - all those will gain you Hulk Coins (our currency) !
Search the web for extra Hulk coins !
Hulk Fountain of Youth - Each day we will release codes on our social profiles , be the first to grab them and earn more coins.
Daily Polls - earn coins by answering them daily.
Referrals - Refer people and get 10 % from their Hulk Coins earnings for life .
Huge redeem area - gift cards added on daily basis , low Hulk Coins prices unlike other sites where you need to sit hours on computer to get 5 $ Amazon Card , prizes always on stock .
Everyone can find prize that will suit him in any age , from gaming cards to gas cards and even diapers cards ( this fact is making referral job very easy
Open Worldwide!
GIFTHULK TV. Similar to swagbucks, you can earn just by watching videos. 

  • Always High Paying Offers
  • Attractive and Rewarding Contests
  • $2 Minimum Payout
  • Fast Payouts
  • Daily New Offers and Surveys
  • Growing and Active Comunity
  • Professional Support
  • Paypal Accepted
On GPTBee everything is for our members and advertisers as we are aware that you make us and that without you would be just another GPT. Therefore we look forward to hear your opinion and suggestions which would give us a clue about you so we can make you come and stay with us.

Join Bing Rewards Here!
By far the easiest.  Join, install the toolbar or just use the Bing Rewards Dashboard.  For every 2 searches you get a point.  Generally there are a couple of free daily offers as well.  At the gold level you can get $5 Amazon per month. 

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