The Plan

Making money takes work and patience, low risk online earning meant I wasn't going to make $100 a day.  You aren't either   

What are these earning sites I keep mentioning?

1) Get Paid To (GPT) These site, like GiftHulk, Nature Bucks and GPTbee usually have everything from Surveys to offers etc.  Some have tasks you can do to earn you extra credits and the bigger ones have videos to watch etc.  Most let you redeem to Amazon or Paypal.  Paypal is a little more but we want cash so we can roll it into a program.

2) Point to Click (PTC) These site like Clixsense have you clicking on ads or games in order to receive credit.  Its easy to do and you can earn. 

3) Forum Posting - My Favorite.  I like it because I find forums I like and post away.  Typically I can bang out $25 a week easy.  My site of choice is Postloop. 

4) Try Perk for some easy money.  You can use up to 5 phones.  Just install the mobile app (perktv) and let it roll.  Perk

My Go To Sites are listed in the Great Online Earners page or the bottom right on the side bar. 

Now keep in mind, you can keep doing these types of things and its fine.  Extra money, gift cards etc.